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Every family’s situation is unique, which leads to specialized needs and financial goals. With the family’s direction, working with your legal and tax advisors, we can facilitate the process for establishing and managing Living, Testamentary, and Charitable Trusts.

We know you have a vision for your future, especially when it relates to the protection and distribution of your assets and estate.

Living Trusts
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With a living trust administered by Jefferson Bank, you can enjoy all of the advantages of professional financial management during your lifetime. As your fiduciary and trustee, we will manage your assets for your benefit, and for your eventual beneficiaries, including bill-paying services, payments for support needs in the event of a disability, and ultimate distribution of your financial assets outside of probate.

Living Trusts
Testamentary Trusts
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With Jefferson Bank as trustee, leaving your assets in a trust that is established in your will provides your heirs with professional management as well as the astute judgment of our trust advisors in evaluating distribution requests. Using a trust can provide a means for regular support payments for your heirs while shielding the assets from creditors. The assets can ultimately pass outside of the heir’s estate, creating a multi-generational wealth transfer.

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Testamentary Trusts
Charitable Trusts
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Charitable Trusts can be an effective way to provide gifts to your favorite charities while also reducing your income tax obligations1.  While there are many different ways to structure a charitable trust, certain trusts provide the benefit of allowing you to see your charitable gifts put to use during your lifetime.

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Charitable Trusts

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1 Consult your tax advisor.

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