Real Estate Management

The expertise of your wealth management team extends to overseeing any commercial or residential real estate holding in your portfolio.

With extensive experience in fiduciary property management, we excel at all phases of real estate—acquiring, managing, and selling. We plan and implement management strategies according to your specific needs and income goals.

In addition to commercial and residential real estate, our team can also assist in managing farm and ranch property. Services include creating and implementing plans to take advantage of government agricultural programs, lease management, and overall maintenance, customized to the individual needs of each property and client.

Real Estate Management allows us to:

  • Purchase and sell property
  • Obtain and monitor insurance coverage
  • Conduct regular on-site inspections
  • Contract repairs and maintenance including residential modification for special needs
  • Coordinate the payment of taxes, bills, and assessments
  • Negotiate and enforce leases or rental agreements and to collect payments

Notices & Disclosures

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