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Our trust advisors can assist in developing a strategic plan for transferring wealth that aligns with your goals and desires. Their wide-ranging expertise allows for a holistic approach to trust management and administration. So, whether your estate needs are straight forward or multi-faceted, we can create and execute plans that work in concert with your objectives.   

Along with specialized services and strategies, we offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing your financial affairs are being properly and safely managed. As a neutral third party, we manage assets to protect both current and future beneficiaries, addressing unforeseen emergencies as well as routine financial management duties.

Our trust advisors can assist you in achieving goals such as:

  • Ensuring the administration of your trust is carried out according to your wishes 

  • Financing a child or grandchild’s education

  • Supporting an elderly relative or descendants

  • Making charitable bequests 

  • Understanding the complexity of oil and mineral management

  • Making decisions concerning real estate investments

  • Saving on estate taxes

  • Managing your assets if you become disabled

  • Providing investment management for your estate


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