Estate Planning

Many believe estate planning is only for the wealthy. Increases in the federal estate tax exemptions have made it seem like even less of a necessity.

But no matter the size of your estate, your financial plan should include careful estate planning. It can benefit your heirs in a multitude of ways, increasing the value of your estate and reducing the complications of court procedures.

    At Jefferson Bank, our trust advisors understand how to balance objectivity and sensitivity while handling the responsibilities as a fiduciary. It requires technical skills, financial knowledge, experience and the ability to work effectively with the family members involved. Working with your legal and tax advisors, we can attend to probate matters and tax filings as we distribute your estate according to your wishes.

    A robust estate plan can:

    • Minimize estate taxes
    • Keep assets out of probate
    • Provide for multi-generational wealth transfer and management
    • Fulfill your charitable intentions

    Notices & Disclosures

    The information contained herein is for information purposes only, is not designed to address your financial situation or particular needs and does not constitute the rendering of tax or legal advice. You should consult with your tax advisor or attorney for advice pertinent to your personal situation.


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