Employee Benefits

Jefferson Bank offers premier benefits with top-rated companies to employees and their families.

Health Insurance

Medical & Prescription
Employees may enroll in medical insurance for themselves and their eligible dependents. The plan includes a large network of healthcare providers and features to help manage health care costs. Jefferson Bank contributes generously towards the premium of the employee's coverage.

Employees and eligible dependents may participate in the dental plan, which includes preventive services covered at 100%. The plan also provides for coverage of basic, major, and orthodontia services. The bank shares in the premium cost of the employee's coverage.

The vision plan covers eye exams, lenses, and includes an allowance for frames or contacts. Employees are responsible for the premium cost. 

Flexible Spending Account(s)
Employees can manage their out-of-pocket costs for eligible medical and dependent care expenses by participating in these tax-deferred accounts.

Life and AD&D
Employees are automatically provided with life and AD&D coverage at two times their annual salary up to a maximum of $500,000. Jefferson Bank pays the full cost.

Voluntary Life and AD&D
Employees may apply for additional life and AD&D coverage for themselves and/or their eligible dependents.

Long Term Disability
Employees are automatically provided with this coverage. If this benefit is utilized, it provides income replacement up to 60% of monthly earnings, to a maximum of $10,000 per month. The bank pays the premium cost.

Long Term Care
Full-time employees are automatically enrolled, and if needed, the benefit provides a maximum of $65 per day for eligible care. Enhanced coverage may be purchased at the employee's expense.


Jefferson Bank's retirement benefit helps employees plan for their future by offering tools and resources to assist with future financial needs.

401(k) Plan
Employees may elect to make their contributions on a pre-tax basis, post-tax basis, or both. The bank adds to the employee accounts by making matching contributions once employees meet the eligibility requirement.

Time Off

Jefferson Bank recognizes the need for employees to have time off whether to relax, tend to personal matters, or spend time with family.

The bank observes Federal holidays. Generally, employees are paid up to 10 holidays each year.

Full-time employees earn from 10 to 20 days of vacation per year. The days are accrued based upon the employee's position and length of service. Part-time employees accrue 5 hours of vacation per month, which is equivalent to 60 hours per year.

Full-time employees earn up to 15 sick days per year. The days are accrued at 10 hours per month and can accumulate to a maximum of 720 hours. Part-time employees accrue 5 sick hours per month, which is equivalent to 12 days per year. Part-time employees can accumulate a maximum of 360 sick hours.

"Jeff Days" are personal days granted to employees. Full-time employees may receive up to 2 days (16 hours), and part-time employees may receive up to 1 day (4 hours).

Professional Development

Part of the mission at Jefferson Bank is to provide opportunities for all employees to develop their skills and abilities to perform to their potential. Employees can take advantage of education and training opportunities to reach their education goals.

Tuition Reimbursement
The Tuition Reimbursement Program is available to eligible full-time and part-time employees and provides reimbursement up to $5,000 per year for degree-approved courses.

Certification Program
Jefferson Bank employees can obtain certifications for Banking and Financial Services through our partnership with the San Antonio College Business Department.

Training & Development
Additional continued training and development courses are provided in-house and online.

Wellness & Other Benefits

Part of Jefferson Bank's core benefits includes programs designed to assist employees and their families with managing their responsibilities.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
The EAP is a voluntary service provided at no cost to employees and their household members. This resource provides confidential and professional assistance with life and work issues.

Wellness Program
Employees may voluntarily participate in the bank's wellness program, which includes a variety of activities and chances to earn incentives.

Free Bank Accounts
Employees may open up to 2 personal bank accounts. Accounts include free checking, online banking, mobile banking, ATM and other services.

Notices & Disclosures

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  • Not insured by the FDIC or any Federal Government Agency
  • Not a Deposit or Other Obligation of, or Guaranteed by, the Bank or Any Bank Affiliate
  • Subject to Investment Risks, Including Possible Loss of the Principal Amount Invested

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