Oil and Gas Asset Management Services

For more than 75 years, we’ve been a partner to generations of South Texas families by offering a full spectrum of wealth management services, delivered with the personal attention and integrity that is the hallmark of Jefferson Bank.

Over those years, we’ve developed extensive expertise in the area of Oil, Gas and Mineral Management, providing a wide range of specialized services designed to maximize the potential of our customers’ interests.


Lease and Contract Negotiation

Assist owners or their agents in the negotiation of lease terms to protect the value of properties for years to come.


Effective and aggressive marketing to enhance prospective exploration and development opportunities.

Lease & Division Order Analysis

Diligent review of division orders and lease forms to determine accuracy and ensure owner’s rights are enforced.

Revenue and Expense Monitoring

Analyze and process payments to verify correct pricing and production information to ensure accurate payments.

Property Tax Monitoring

Analysis of property taxes and third-party assistance to protest valuations.

Title Curative

Assist in the preparation and recording of documentation to clear title defects.

Accurate Statements and Record Keeping

State of the art accounting system to provide timely, accurate, and concise reports on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Additional services:

  • Proprietary mineral mapping software and app.
  • Due diligence and monitoring of leasing and industry trends.
  • Analysis, preparation and processing of deeds, assignments, leases, division orders, and other industry related documents.
  • Researching and marketing of unleased mineral interests as well as tracking of shut-in/marginal wells.
  • Royalty audits, production and pricing verification, monitoring of deductions, and suspended or escheated funds.
  • Partnerships with statewide experts in engineering, geology, and asset appraisals.
  • Succession planning and asset divestiture consultation.
For more information, contact:
Erik Ahlenius
Erik B. Ahlenius, J.D.
Executive Vice President, Oil, Gas and Mineral Manager
San Antonio (210) 736-7781
Erik Ahlenius
Erik B. Ahlenius, J.D.
Executive Vice President, Oil, Gas and Mineral Manager
San Antonio, TX

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