Positive Pay FAQ's

Positive Pay Frequently Asked Questions
What is Positive Pay?

Positive Pay is a fraud prevention tool used by business customers to protect against check and ACH fraud. Jefferson Bank’s Positive Pay Service helps your business detect suspicious transactions, reducing the risk of financial loss and safeguarding the reputation of your business.

Is there any special software required?

There is no special software required, however the business must be an active Treasury Management customer.

How does Positive Pay work?

Positive Pay matches the following key pieces of information from either your check register or a simple data file upload; Date, Dollar Amount and Check Number. In the event these items do not match, Positive Pay creates an “Exception” and sends you an alert via text or email. Once you receive this alert, you are given the option to review the item in question and “pay” or “return” each item.

You also have the option to set up ACH authorization rules or filter blocks for complete fraud prevention. Depending on your needs, you can choose to block specific ACH transactions or authorize only specific vendors to access your account.

What is Payee Name Match?

In addition, to comparing against the Date, Dollar Amount and Check Number, Positive Pay offers Payee Name Match which will review all issued check payees. Discrepancies will result in an exception item which will require a decision by the business. There are specific check requirements that must be met in order to qualify for this service.

How can Positive Pay help with Account Reconciliation?

With Positive Pay, mismatched checks are identified sooner and account activity reconciled with increased accuracy. The Positive Pay system also includes a Check Reconciliation feature that shows a summary of issued, paid, voided, and outstanding checks.

What Reports are available?

Positive Pay offers the following reports to assist you with your day-to-day business needs:, All Checks, Outstanding Issued Checks, Paid Checks, Exception Items, Stale Dated Checks, Account Reconciliation Summary, Check Reconciliation Summary, Deposit Reconciliation Summary and ACH Transactions.

What happens if someone tries to cash a check at a Jefferson Bank Banking Center?

Jefferson Bank offers Teller- Positive Pay to assist with identifying unauthorized checks attempting to be cashed at one of our banking centers. Checks presented in a banking center are compared to your company’s issued check file. If the check does not match the information in the file, Jefferson Bank will contact your business for authorization to cash the check. Calls are made during normal banking hours Monday through Saturday.

What is considered an exception?

Exceptions can result from one or a combination of the following:

  • Check file not completed or loaded in the system
  • Checks not listed on the issued check file
  • Items that are a duplicate of ones that have already been paid
  • Items with a check number that do not match
  • Items with a dollar amount that do not match
  • Stale dated items
  • Items with a payee name that does not match (if enrolled in Payee Name Match) 
  • Fraudulent items
  • ACH items with no matching filter
How will our business be notified if there are exceptions to be processed?

Authorized personnel will receive notice by email and/or SMS text message if there are exceptions to be processed. All exception items must be reviewed for decision before the processing deadline.

How do I review exceptions?

With customer experience in mind, Jefferson Bank allows you the ability to decision exception items from the convenience of your desktop, IPad®, Tablet or Smartphone device. Simply log in to our Treasury Management Platform, click on the quick decision link for Positive Pay and you will be able to review all exception items in question.

What if there is an error with a check?

We offer different solutions based on the type of encoding error. If you encounter an error, you will contact the bank prior to the 1:00 PM CST deadline and we will review the item to determine whether the item can be corrected and paid, if it should be returned, or if we have additional options available.

What time is the exception processing deadline?

A decision must be provided for all exceptions no later than 1:00 PM CST.

What happens to the exception item(s) if a decision is not made by 1:00 PM CST?

All exception items not decision by our 1:00PM CST deadline will revert to the default disposition identified in the Treasury Management Agreement.

Can multiple users access Positive Pay?

Yes. Positive Pay allows you to grant multiple users entitlement rights which will permit each user the option to either upload your check register or data file, Pay or Return unauthorized checks or both.

What file formats does Jefferson Bank accept for issued check files?

The file format types that can be uploaded into the Positive Pay system are: Fixed Length, Microsoft Excel®, or Delimited. These file formats may be easily extracted from your accounting or bookkeeping software

What information is needed in the issued check file?

The check file requires the following data be included: Payee Name, Check Number, Issue Date, and Amount. The issued check file may contain additional information, such as a memo or address, but is not required. We are available to assist with file formatting. 

What if the file submitted contains items that are not checks?

If the issued check file contains other information, the system will ignore those items as long as they do not contain a Check Number, Issue Date, Dollar Amount and Payee Name.

What if the wrong file is uploaded?

The bank can easily delete an incorrect file. If a file needs to be deleted, please contact the Commercial Operations Department at (210) 736-7600 or at [email protected]

What if a check is written after a file has been submitted?

If a check is written after a file has been submitted, you can either send a new updated file or manually submit the check(s) using the Add New Issued Check option. This option will allow you to enter a single check or a series of checks without having to create and upload a new file.

Are hand-written checks compatible with the Positive Pay system?

Handwritten checks can be loaded within Positive Pay, however, they are not compatible with Payee Name Match. Since Positive Pay reviews the check number, date and dollar amounts, handwritten checks may result in higher than usual exception items if misread.

How do I sign up for Positive Pay?

For more information or to sign up for Positive Pay, contact one of our Treasury Management Sales Officers at 210-736-7206.

Are there fees associated with Positive Pay?

For pricing discussion, contact one of our Treasury Management Sales Officers at 210-736-7206.

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