Treasury Management Services

We are in the business of helping your business. Our Treasury Management Services are designed to enhance your business operations by processing transactions electronically. Incorporating today’s technology and security procedures, we can help you maximize efficiencies and lower operating costs.

Utilizing these services allows you to optimize earnings and control your cash flow while increasing productivity.

Our Treasury Management Services

Our Treasury Management Services

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination

ACH Origination Services allow you to streamline the process of collecting receivables and making payments.

ACH credit origination gives you the ability to provide direct deposit of payroll to your employees or to electronically transfer funds to accounts at other banks.

ACH debit origination is an ideal solution for collecting accounts receivable or drafting preauthorized payments from customers’ accounts at any bank in the U.S.

ACH Non-Processing Days/Bank Holidays

Same Day ACH Service

Jefferson Bank is pleased to offer Same Day ACH processing for your Payroll or Business to Business Payments for customers using our Treasury Management Services. The expedited ACH process will ensure your ACH credits are received the same day that you originate them from the Jefferson Bank Online Banking platform.

Same Day ACH Processing

Wire Transfers

Create one-time or reoccurring wire transfers that can be transmitted securely to Jefferson Bank directly from the convenience of your office computer. By eliminating faxing, calling or emailing sensitive company information and signatures, you reduce the risk of fraud.

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)

Initiate tax payments from your home or office, 24/7. EFTPS allows you to pay any federal tax online. You can also schedule payments in advance. Customers must be enrolled with the IRS prior to using this service.

Remote Deposit Services

With Remote Deposit Services, you and your staff can make deposits from the comfort of your office. Using a check scanner and a computer with an Internet connection, digital check images are captured and transmitted to Jefferson Bank for deposit.

The Remote Deposit Services software offers multiple security levels for users and enhanced reporting capabilities such as automatic balancing, duplicate check detection, and other customizable reports.

Remote Deposit Capture User Guide

Merchant Services

Expand your customers’ payment options with Merchant Services, which allow your business to accept major debit and credit card payments. With Merchant Services, deposits from Visa, Master Card, and Discover sales are posted to your business checking account the next business day, improving your cash flow. American Express credit card sales can also be integrated into your processing solution.

We can help you determine the optimal solution for your business, whether it’s using a credit card terminal, personal computer, or telephone1. Merchant Services can be customized for any category of business.

  • Retail
  • Professional
  • Trade Services
  • Restaurants
  • Services with Tips
  • Lodging
  • Internet/E-Commerce
  • Mail/Phone Order
Target Balance Transfers

Deposit funds into a master account and establish subsidiary accounts for business functions such as payroll and other payments. Using Target Balance Transfers, funds are automatically transferred between the master account and subsidiary accounts at Jefferson to cover expenses on a daily basis.

This service transfers only enough funds into the subsidiary account to pay the expenses that are presented for that day, maximizing funds in the master account that are available for investment and minimizing the risk of overdraft fees.

Positive Pay

Give your business an extra level of protection against fraud. With Positive Pay, your business or organization submit electronic files of issued checks to the Bank as well as a list of companies authorized to process ACH debits to their business accounts. Our system monitors check and ACH transactions daily to identify unauthorized activity. We provide you a list of “exceptions” to review, and you decide whether to pay any of the unauthorized items.

Lock Box Services

Accelerate check collection and funds availability by allowing us to process remittances on your behalf. We will collect payments by mail then process and deposit them directly into your checking account. Once funds are received, we provide you all the supporting documentation for these deposits. Your office staff will no longer have to process payments and prepare deposits, freeing up their time to attend to other business matters.

Trusteer - Security Software

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Notices & Disclosures

1Merchant Services using a telephone are best suited for businesses that have less than ten sales a month. All processing solutions may not be available.

Fees for Merchant Services include an annual fee and a monthly discount rate determined by monthly volume, average sales, and processing method.