Fraud Prevention & Cyber Security

At Jefferson Bank, we make the privacy and security of our customers' information a top priority. We are pleased to provide you with information about preventing fraud and identity theft, answers to common questions for some of the most important fraud prevention issues facing individuals today, and access to valuable online resources.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Jefferson Bank does not communicate with customers by email, text message, or by telephone to request important personal information such as your name, account number, date of birth, social security number, card numbers, personal identification number (PIN) or security codes associated with your Visa® Debit Card, or your Online Banking User ID or password.


Our information security team use multiple systems to protect your accounts around the clock. Actions monitored include:

  • Debit card transactions
  • Check fraud (counterfeit, stolen, altered)
  • Scam attempts on customers
  • Identity theft
  • Wire fraud
  • Business e-mail compromise
  • Account number compromise
  • Online and mobile transactions

Please contact the bank immediately if you have any suspicions that you have received these types of emails, text messages, or phone calls. You can reach our Fraud Operations at (210) 736-7474 or by email at [email protected].


Notices & Disclosures

Important Contacts

Main Line: (210) 734-4311

Jeff Line: (833) JEFF LINE or (833) 533-3546

Customer Service: (210) 736-7600

Customer Service Hours: Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

After Hours:
If your Check Card has been lost or stolen call (888) 297-3416 (U.S.) or (206) 389-5200 (international) OR if you have Online Banking, you can login and cancel your card immediately.

Notice: To protect your confidential information, please do not include account numbers or Social Security Numbers in your email message. Please contact us by phone directly at (210) 734-4311 to discuss confidential information.